Wind Chimes

They aren’t in their final place on the balcony. But they are there… In memory of Ed.

An Overdue Update

Work stopped in November 2015 when my partner became unable to walk around. He did not recover and passed away in April. While our dream has ended, the work on the house remains. I am in process of assessing the current value of the home in its nearly completed condition.  His family, the bank, and Read More …

Rough In Update

As you can see from the photo, the outside stone, roof, and chimney are finished. We also passed our electrical rough in inspection.

The Plus Side…

The plus side is the car can park in the shade today. The minus side is that no one else is working here today.

Back Porch Progress – 2014 May

We’ve had some progress in May 2014 on the back porch.

Back Porch Status

  The boards for our originally design deck between the kitchen and laundry room have been built. The carpenters will be working on the side floor beams and the loft deck next.

Under Roof

Caution Construction Area

Basement Excavation 2013 Aug 22